BRAND IDENTITY. So you may have a logo and a generic company slogan, but creating a successful brand is so much more than that. It's a direct reflection of what you do, who you are, and how people will look at and remember you. By creating a brand that's creative and eye-catching , it will drive an increase of sells. There are so many choices in today's world, what makes people choose you? We follow our key elements of branding and they are Authenticity, Brand Strategy, Brand Story, Brand Essence, & Brand Differentiation. We can't wait to help you and your company share your identity!





Logo Design - Desiging a logo is that first impression of your brand identity. It's like introducing your partner to your parents for the first time...we want to design one for you that will leave the world swooning.  

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Orange Box
Take away coffee cup and croissant on pi
Box of Croissants


Buttermilk Croissant


Is Better



1. HELLO - Once you have selected your design package, it's time to say hello and meet you. One of our lead designers will be contacting you to help understand what your outlines and over all appeal of your company.

2. DESIGN CONCEPTS - When we have all the information and idea about your company we will start creating rough sketches of the design, or designs. We will then send you the rough concepts.

3. Feedback & Revision - Upon receiving your feedback our team will work to integrate your ideas into the selected design concept. Once the revision checks out for compliance, the sample will uploaded and sent to you for review.


4. APPROVAL & DELIVERY -  Upon getting the final go-ahead from you, our design team prepares your finalized logo design. Once the final file is ready we provide the promised file options and the highest quality possible for further use.